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Getting started

Follow these quick steps to get started with CoreConnect:

  1. Install the CLI:

    Terminal window
    npm install @rb2-bv/core-connect-cli@latest -g

    * To install the CLI you might need to first authenticate into RB2 NPM feed. Follow these instructions to do so.

  2. Create a new project folder:

    Create a new project folder on you local machine and place your .env file in there. You can use this template for the .env.

    Terminal window
    mkdir newproject
    cd ./newproject
    touch .env
  3. Navigate to the project folder and initiate a new project:

    Terminal window

    (Make sure to use Node.js version 18 by running nvm use 18.15.0.)

    This operation will setup frontend, backend and infrastructure folders for you. In the next section we will explain each of these

Notes on Getting Started

Before creating your first CoreConnect project, ensure that your local machine has git, node, dotnet, and pnpm installed. Also, make sure you have access to rb2’s Nuget and NPM streams. If not, refer to the troubleshooting guide.

Getting Help

If you encounter any issues or need assistance while working with CoreConnect, feel free to reach out for help.