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Account theme is oriented around everything to do with (individual) users. Customer accounts are stored in the commerce engine. Features under this topic are login, signup, resetting password, as well as an account overview section, where customer can add/update address, view invoices, view orders.

From a business perspective accounts are valuable to capture marketing contact information, as well as provide a user-friendly way for customers for repeated purchases and managing (historical) orders. From a user perspective account creation is an optional step, which usually makes it easier for you to checkout quicker next time (pre-filled address), and view historical order/invoices.

General thinking

  • Customer accounts are live inside the commerce engine
  • Customer accounts have orders, payments, addresses, and custom fields associated with them, managed through the commerce engine
  • A set of GraphQL mutations are used for signing in, registration, add/updating address, reset password

Supported functionalities

  • Sign up
  • Sign in
  • Reset password
  • Add address to account (manually in account portal, or automatically after first checkout)
  • Update address from account portal