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Browsing is the generic term for when a (potential) customer is exploring the e-commerce website. He is fluidly moving between content and products. Through category pages, brand pages and content pages. Content pages are seperately detailed under the content feature. This theme focuses mainly on the Product Lister Page (PLP).

Basic layout of a PLP

  • Product grid (or list)
  • Filter sidebar
  • Title bar
  • Topbar (for quick viewing/management of applied filters and sorting options)

General thinking

In actuallity PLP is not really a page, but a re-usable component, to display a subset of products. It can be applied on category sections, brand sections, or “custom” in content sections.

The purpose of PLP is to facilitate customer with an overview of a specific subset of products, for considerations. At the level of the PLP the product information granularity is low (only generically filtered on attributes, combined with basic attributes like price, brand, color). For detailed product information the user needs to actually move to the product detail page.

Supported features

  • Faceted filtering (based on attributes setup in commerce engine)
  • Category pages & category filtering
  • Checkbox filterable attributes
  • Grid product overview
  • Basic sorting options