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Content is interspersed with products, to facilitate customer in their purchase. At different stages of purchase consideration different types of content are useful. Sometimes content is more high-level, explaining more about a category of products. Sometimes content is more specifally tied to a product. Sometimes content is more aimed at helping the user after the purchase to use the product. This epic focuses on written content, not specifically tied to individual products.

General thinking

Content facilitates purchase. It is used to guide the customer once he is browsing on the website. It is also used to attract customers in the first place (through SEO and/or SEA).

Content is managed through a Content Management System (CMS). For the front-end, the CMS serves as a simple database, giving the front-end the ‘data’ to render. The CMS also contains a user-friendly interface for content marketeers to manage the content.

Supported features

  • Pre-setup CMS (Storyblok)
  • Homepage components
  • CMS managable news/blog page
  • CMS editable “plain” pages (terms and conditions)