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Checkout is the final part of the funnel, where a user is facilitated towards final purchase. Purchase is finalised upon payment or order confirmation. In 1 or multiple steps, the customer is facilitated through the checkout. Here key information for the purchase is retrieved (address, name, email), the payment and delivery methods are set, and information is presented to the customer to entice a finalised purchase.

General thinking

From a business perspective this is the last part of the purchase funnel. A last chance to align expectations between the webshop and the customer, as well as a critical step in getting the information required to process the order. Hence the design and user-friendliness of the checkout must strike a good balance between ease of use, and the right information to entice purchase.

From a user perspective this is the (mandatory) step you have to take to finalise a purchase, as well as a final check. An easy to use checkout can reduce friction or annoyance a bit, but still the user needs to be presented with the right information at the right time to facilitate and finalise the purchase

Supported features

  • Guest checkout
  • Authenticated checkout (pre-filled email and adress)
  • Select payment method
  • Pre-paid method flow
  • Invoice addres form (optionally separate from delivery address)
  • Select delivery method (semisupported)